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Olympic Torch “stolen” from Holy Cross College!

Olympic Torch “stolen” from Holy Cross College!

The Olympic Torch has become a fairly common sight in Holy Cross College ever since Mrs Deirdre Glackin, a classroom assistant at the college, was chosen to carry the Olympic flame through Sion Mills recently as part of the 'London 2012' torch relay.

However, on Monday 25th June Year 8 students were gathered in assembly to be told some awful news...the torch had been stolen!

And so began this year's “C.S.I. Holy Cross College”, a detective mystery themed day run annually for Year 8 pupils. The torch, so the story went, had gone missing from Mrs Gallagher's room during break time the previous Friday and now the finger of suspicion was being pointed at a number of prominent people in the College including the VP, Mr Early and the caretaker Dessie McLaughlin.

The hunt for the torch and the thief became the focus for a fun packed day which began with team building games led by the PE department. With the ice now well and truly broken, the teams made their way to the Science labs to receive some forensic training.

As the day reached its climax the focus of attention moved to the school hall where the key suspects had been gathered to face a live interrogation on-stage. Questions were invited from the floor and the Year 8’s did not disappoint as they put the suspects on the spot and picked holes in their alibis. Finally the teams had to make their final submissions stating who they believed was the real culprit. Eventually, the thief was revealed to be PE supremo Mr Brian Gormley!